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Tsukigami, the Moon God is mad at the inhabitants of the forest and has transformed all of them into stone. The 4 Animal Ninja Masters are the only ones that can fight against Tsukigami’s hordes of evil spirit minions to reach Mt Fuji and confront him in time to break his magic Spell. Join 3 friends in an arcade-platformer game like those you used to play in the arcade rooms. Every character has different abilities and there are different weapons to unlock and upgrade. You’ll also fight giant monsters at the end of each world, beat them and reach the final boss before the time goes up and the curse becomes permanent!


After A Hole New World, an 8-bit like game, we thought we should make a 16-bit-like game now. An arcade cooperative one, for 4 players, with ninjas on it! Thus Kemono Heroes was born! :D


  • Run ‘n Slash ‘n Gun.
  • 1-4 players (local/online).
  • Amazing 16 bit graphics.
  • 4 main characters, each of them with special skills.
  • 4 worlds with 3 stages each.
  • Unlockable weapons and powers.
  • Lots of fun and action!


Early footage (version 0.15b) YouTube

Raw Gameplay (4 Players) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (92MB)
00 KEMONO HEROES - Poster Logo.jpg
00 KEMONO HEROES - Poster.jpg
00 New_bridge_stage.jpg
00 New_dragon_image.jpg
00 New_forest_image.jpg
00 New_moon_stage.jpg
00 New_snow_bomb.jpg
00 New_stage1_attack.jpg
00 New_stage4_abilities.jpg
00 New_stage4_fox_ability.jpg
00 New_stage4_ghosts.jpg
00 New_stage4_help.jpg
00 New_tanuki_boss.jpg
Char Boss - Nivel 1 (Tengu).jpg
Char Boss - Nivel 3 (Sanjuro) v1.jpg
Char Boss - Nivel 3 (Sanjuro).jpg
Char Boss - Nivel 4 (Fujin).jpg
Char Boss - Nivel 4 (Raijin).jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL - 75.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 18.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 19.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 20.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 21.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 22.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 23.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 24.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 25.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 26.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 27.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 28.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 29.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 30.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 31.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 32.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 33.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 38.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 39.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 40.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 41.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 42.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 43.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 44.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 45.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 48.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 54.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 56.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 57.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 58.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 75.jpg
Char CONCEPTUAL 76.jpg
Char Enemigos - Nivel 3 - Chochin Obake.jpg
Char Enemigos - Nivel 3 - Karakasa.jpg
Char Enemigos - Nivel 4 - Karura.jpg
Char Enemigos - Nivel 4 - Oni.jpg
Char Enemigos Level 4 - Ryujin.jpg
Char Fudemaru 1 - Nuevo.jpg
Char Fudemaru 1.jpg
Char Fudemaru 2.jpg
Char Fudemaru 3.jpg
Char Fudemaru Alt Color 1.jpg
Char Fudemaru Alt Color 2.jpg
Char Fudemaru Alt Color 3.jpg
Char Fudemaru Vistas y Colores.jpg
Char Hanako 1 - Nuevo.jpg
Char Hanako 1.jpg
Char Hanako 2.jpg
Char Hanako 3.jpg
Char Hanako Alt Color 1.jpg
Char Hanako Alt Color 2.jpg
Char Hanako Alt Color 3.jpg
Char Hanako Vistas y Colores.jpg
Char Miyuki 1 - Nuevo.jpg
Char Miyuki 1.jpg
Char Miyuki 2.jpg
Char Miyuki 3.jpg
Char Miyuki Alt Color 1.jpg
Char Miyuki Alt Color 2.jpg
Char Miyuki Alt Color 3.jpg
Char Miyuki Vistas y Colores.jpg
Char Yu 1 - Nuevo.jpg
Char Yu 1.jpg
Char Yu 2.jpg
Char Yu 3.jpg
Char Yu Alt Color 1.jpg
Char Yu Alt Color 2.jpg
Char Yu Alt Color 3.jpg
Char Yu Vistas y Colores.jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 1 (Hero's Shrine).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 1.3 (Guardian of the Gate).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 2.3 (Eye of the Ocean) v1.jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 2.3 (Eye of the Ocean) v2.jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 3 (Long Gone City).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 3.3 (The Phantom Warrior) v1.jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 3.3 (The Phantom Warrior).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 4 (Beyond the Clouds).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 4.3 (Lords of the Storm).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 5 (White Stone Realm).jpg
Stg Concept - Nivel 5.3 (The Moon).jpg

There are currently no logos or icons available for Kemono Heroes. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner in Best Graphics - ReVersed Awards." Vienna, Austria, 8 July, 2018

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